Saar-Hunsrück Climb: Hiking from Idar-Oberstein to Boppard

Package Offer No. 7
13 x overnight stays in rooms with shower/WC
13 x fortifying hiker breakfasts
12 x packed lunches
1 x Hiking map "Saar-Hunsrück-Steig" 1 per group
1 x Saar-Hunsrück-Steig hiking pin
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836.00 € per person in double room
1081.00 € in single room

Can be booked additionally

10 x luggage transfers
187.00 € 1 person
187.00 € per group (2-4 persons)
268.00 € per group (5-8 persons)


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Day 1: arrival in Idar-Oberstein

Enter into the gemstone town.

Day 2: Hike Idar-Oberstein - Herrstein

about 20 km
Offering a view over Idar-Oberstein, the trail ascends the rock path and leads past Hintertiefenbach and Niederwörresbach into medieval Herrstein.

Day 3: Hike Herrstein - Rudolfshaus

about 14 km
Farewell to the Schinderhannes Tower in Herrstein and past Niederhosenbach and Sonnschied down into the Hahnenbach Valley.

Day 4: Hike Rudolfshaus - Rhaunen

about 13 km
A concentration of sights all around Bundenbach with the Schmidtburg Castle, Slate Show Mine, and the Celtic settlement Altburg. The way continues on the Saar-Hunsrück Climb to Rhaunen.

Day 5: Hike Rhaunen - Sohren

about 21 km
Through the idyllic Idarbach Valley past Laufersweiler to Sohren.

Day 6: Hike Sohren - Altlay

about 12 km
From Sohren the trail leads to the center of Rhineland-Palatinate, Bärenbach, and, with a view onto the take-off and landing strips, you hike past Hahn Airport and into the Wilwersbach Valley to Altlay. Transfer to accommodations.

Day 7: Hike Altlay - Blankenrath / Lahr with transfer

about 17 km
Transfer to hiking trail. Through the wildly romantic Altlay Little Switzerland and through wild valleys and across the heights to Blankenrath.

Day 8: Hike Blankenrath - Mörsdorf

about 15 km
Through the Mittelstrimmig Forest past Mittelstrimmig and Altstrimmig and through the Mörsdorf Brook Valley to Mörsdorf.

Day 9: Hike Mörsdorf - Kastellaun

about 16 km
The trail continues through Mörsdorf Brook Valley to Burgberg and to the Balduinseck castle ruin rising from the valley to reach the hiking trail through the lovely Mastershausen and Wohnroth Brook Valleys to Bell and finally into the castle town of Kastellaun.

Day 10: Hike Kastellaun - Schmausemühle

about 18 km
The trail leaves the Kastellaun castle behind and continues across the expansive heights to the Mannebach Field of the Senses and then into the Grand Canyon of the Hunsrück, Baybach Ravine.

Day 11: Hike Schmausemühle - Morshausen / Halsenbach-Ehr with transfer

about 10 km
High cliffs accompany the hiking trail through the Baybach Ravine.

Day 12: Hike Morshausen - Oppenhausen

about 16 km
From Morshausen across the heights of the Hunsrück past the terrific Ehrenburgblick to the impressive Ehrenburg Castle, and into the Ehrbach Ravine, the valley of mills. Transfer to accommodations.

Day 13: Hike Oppenhausen - Boppard

about 18 km
With a view into the Rhine Valley, the trail leads finally to Boppard.

Day 14: Departure


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