Eight regions in Germany with approximately 200 premium trails have​ ​united under the name PremiumWanderWelten (Premium Hiking Worlds). The result is a kind of Champions League of hiking trails with the advantage that all the regions are now in the finale.

And the best is that all regions have a ​unique feature that makes each distinct.

The Felsenland Tours in the Palatinate are a winner with their bizarre stone formations. The Nagelfluhschleifen promise Alpine premium enjoyment​ at the highest level. As the world's northernmost premium trail region, the Teutoschleifen present five first-class trails on the Hermannsweg. The Traufgänge shine at the spectacular edge of the Swabian Jura. The Traumpfade (dream trails) have castles, volcanoes, the Moselle and the Rhine to offer. The Traumschleifen (Dream Loops) offer an incomparably large diversity of adventures with 111 premium trails (among them five German winners). The fairy tale hiking trail in the Burgwals-Ederberland Region​​ makes the world of the Brothers Grimm come to life. And the Wasser.Wander.Welt (Water.Hiking.World) on the Dutch-German border area of the Meuse, Schwalm, and Nette rivers demonstrates that a peak is not necessary for hiking diversity. 

PremiumWanderWelten means hiking in Germany at the highest level in all directions. 

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