Saar-Hunsrück Climb: Hiking from Idar-Oberstein to Morbach

Package Offer No. 6
3 x overnight stays in rooms with shower/WC
3 x fortifying hiker's breakfast
2 x box lunches
1 x route description "Legs Idar-Oberstein to Morbach" 1 per room
1 x Saar-Hunsrück-Steig Hiking Pin
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201.00 € per person in double room
254.00 € in single room

Can be booked additionally

2 x luggage transfers
39.00 € per group (1-4 persons)
49.00 € per group (5-8 persons)


Hunsrück-Touristik GmbH
Gebäude 663
55483 Hahn-Flughafen
Telephone: +49 6543 507700
Tel.: +49 6543 507709
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Day 1: Arrival Idar-Oberstein

Day 2: Idar-Oberstein - Kempfeld

about 20 km
From Idar-Oberstein up to the Hunsrück and past the impressive fields of stone of the Mörschieder Burr ridge to Kempfeld.

Day 3: Kempfeld - Morbach

about 18 km
The trail starts at the Windenburger Kopf hill with its Celtic refuge fortifications and the lookout tower to the Krahloch Geopark. From there, the trail continues through the Idar Forest into the recreational area Ortelsbruch near Morbach.

Day 4: Departure


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